Cobb-Whalen Cup

The next Cobb-Whalen Cup is in 2024 in Northern Nevada. More details to follow.

In 2022, the historic Cobb-Whalen Cup was played Sept. 25-26 at Boulder Creek Golf Club in Boulder City, Nevada, and the South team earned the victory 12.5-11.5.

The South snapped a four-match victory streak by the North with a 12.5-11.5 victory. The matches are now tied overall, 7-5 with one tie in 2012 when the North retained the cup.

The Cobb-Whalen Cup is held every two years and rotates between the North and the South. The 2020 Cobb-Whalen Cup was hosted and won by the North, 17-7.

To find out how to qualify, reach out to your association.

The Cobb-Whalen Cup

The Cobb-Whalen Cup was named in honor of Clyde Cobb and John Whalen. Cobb was a longtime president of the Southern Nevada Golf Association and one of the original inductees into the association’s Hall of Fame, which is now known as the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame. Cobb died in October 2000. It is net competition.

John Whalen was a former—and first–Executive Director of the Northern Nevada Golf Association and held the position for many years. Whalen died in December 1998.

Both men made significant contributions to golf in Nevada. The Cobb-Whalen Cup is presented bi-annually to the champions of a team event featuring both gross and net competitors. Teams from the Northern Nevada Golf Association compete against teams from Southern Nevada Golf Association in a Ryder Cup format. The Southern Nevada Golf Association won the inaugural event which was conducted in 2000 at the CasaBlanca Golf Club in Mesquite.

More about Clyde Cobb

Many close to the Southern Nevada Golf Association recall fondly the gentlemanly ways of Clyde Cobb, and credit him as being one of the most influential leaders of the SNGA as it was being formed in the early years. Cobb served both the Southern Nevada area and the overall state in his leadership capacities. He also served a trustee for the Pacific Coast Golf Association. His biggest influence on golf in Southern Nevada might have been spearheading the implementation of the United States Golf Association’s GHIN Handicap System that is still in place at many area courses, and is the main system used for various tournaments.

He was born July 5, 1918, in Quincy, Ill. He was an Air Force veteran who served during World War II and the Korean War, and he was a retired administrator for the Clark County School District who lived in the Las Vegas area for a 40 years. “When I started to play golf in Las Vegas in the late 60’s and early 70’s, Clyde was golf in Las Vegas,” said Stuart Reid, who was inducted with Cobb into the original class of what was then called the Nevada Golf Hall of Fame.

“He was a master of getting things done whether he did them himself or got others to do it for him. For example, I complained to him about the tournaments and he invited me to join the association and see what I could do, so I did. He was the reason I got involved with the SNGA. Clyde was my mentor for many years.”

Founder, Southern Nevada Golf Association
Director, Southern Nevada Golf Association
President, Southern Nevada Golf Association
Director, Nevada State Golf Association
President, Nevada State Golf Association
Trustee, Pacific Coast Golf Association
Founder, Southern Nevada Golf Association GHIN System
Founder, Southern Nevada Golf Association Course Rating System
President, Winterwood Men’s Club

More about John Whalen

John Whalen served as the executive director of the Northern Nevada Golf Association from 1972-1998, when passed away. Whalen’s wife, Pam, then took over the operations. John Whalen was the organization’s first leader. He received recognition for his quality service, including having a junior golf scholarship named in his honor along with Francis Haase plus other accolades throughout the years.

John and Pam helped create the Northern Nevada Junior Golf Association, which is still operational several decades later. Steve Rydel now oversees the operations of the junior golf association and the NNGA.

John Whalen was a member of the USGA Junior Amateur Committee from 1980 until his passing at only 57-years old. He was also a member of the USGA’s Regional Association Committee from 1982-97.

The Haase-Whalen Cup matches are also played in Northern Nevada, and celebrated the 21st playing of the matches in February of 2016.

Cobb-Whalen Cup History and Champions

1999 at CasaBlanca Golf Club – SNGA 18 1/2 points to NNGA 13 1/2 points

2000 at Wolf Run Golf Club – SNGA 24 1/2 points to NNGA 15 1/2 points

2002 at Rio Secco Golf Club – SNGA 27 points to NNGA 13 points

2004 at Arrow Creek Country Club – NNGA 22 points to SNGA 18 points

2006 at Rio Secco Golf Club – SNGA 24 1/2 points to NNGA 15 1/2 points

2008 at Genoa Lake Golf Club – SNGA 20 1/2 points to NNGA 19 1/2 points

2010 at Highland Falls Golf Club – SNGA 28 points to NNGA 12 points

2012 at Thunder Canyon Golf Club – SNGA 12 points to NNGA 12 points

2014 at Canyon Gate Country Club – NNGA 16 1/2 points to SNGA 7 1/2 points

2016 at Genoa Lakes – NNGA 13 points to SNGA 11 points

2018 at Rio Secco Golf Club – NNGA 15 points to SNGA 9 points

2020 at Somersett Golf Club – NNGA 17 points to SNGA 7 points

2022 at Boulder Creek Golf Club – SNGA 12 1/2 points to NNGA 11 1/2 points

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