Oliver Cup

In 2023, at Toiyabe Golf Club the Southern Nevada Golf Association won 15-9 and now leads the matches 6-2-1.

In 2021, the Southern Nevada Golf Association won the Oliver Cup 19-5 at the CasaBlanca in Mesquite.

The overall record is 7-2-1 in favor of the SNGA. The 2023 event will be held in Northern Nevada Sept. 24-26 at Toiyabe Golf Club.

The bi-annual event honors the memory of longtime state golf association and SNGA volunteer Lou Oliver. This is an invitation and qualification event.


Lou Oliver Cup Matches

These special team matches for senior players were created to honor Lou Oliver, a prolific volunteer for golf in the state of Nevada and the Southern Nevada Golf Association (SNGA). Oliver was a past SNGA Volunteer of the Year (multiple times) and worked tirelessly to honor and promote the game of golf. He was also honored with distinguished service awards during his time as a volunteer.

In 1997, Oliver was part of a group of volunteers recognized by the board of directors and staff of the SNGA. One of the years he was named volunteer of the year was in 2002.

Las Vegas Sun golf columnist Peter Benton wrote the following about the special night at Badlands Golf Club:

“The SNGA Board of Directors selected Larry McGovern Director of the Year while the President’s Award was given to Jack Rosebush, Ernie Haupt and Jim Alexander. Distinguished Service Awards were given by president Stu Reid to Lou Oliver, Jerry Clark, Haupt, Alexander, John Tanza, Ron Stebbens, Sue May, Jack Rosebush and Charlie Floyd. Were it were not for the unselfishness and caring of the aforementioned folks, golf in our city would not be what it is today.”

Truer words were never written or spoken, especially when it came to Lou Oliver. Sue May, one of the most recognized rules officials in the state of Nevada and and winner of the prestigious USGA Ike Grainger Award in 2016, remembered working with Oliver as a pleasure and he embodied everything positive about the game of golf and volunteering.

“Lou was a dedicated Rules Official for more than 25 years,” said May. “He had the respect of the players as well as his peers. He was known as a soft spoken gentleman who always had time to give back to the game of golf. Players felt they could always approach Lou and get a fair break. He was on the Nevada State Board, the SNGA Board and was known to never miss a meeting even when he was so sick he couldn’t come out on course to work.”

2023 Oliver Cup Results

Southern Nevada Golf Association won 15-9  

2021 Oliver Cup Results

Southern Nevada Golf Association won 19-5  

2019 Oliver Cup Results

Northern Nevada Golf Association won 13-11

2017 Oliver Cup Results

The Southern Nevada Golf Association won 13-11.

2015 Oliver Cup Results

12 seniors from the Southern Nevada Golf Association played a Ryder Cup style event versus 12 seniors from the Northern Nevada Golf Association at Hidden Valley Country Club in Reno, Nevada.

The first matches of the morning of August 20, 2015, were a 2-person best ball. The SNGA led 4 1/2 points to 1 1/2 points. The afternoon matches are a 2 person Modified Alternate Shot. The NNGA won 4 points to 2 points.

In the final single matches, the NNGA won 6 1/2 to 5 1/2, but a 12 to 12 point final was good enough for a SNGA win. The SNGA won in 2013 in Mesquite, so a tie led to the SNGA retaining the prestigious Oliver Cup.

Jeff English made a 2-footer in the final match to close out the win for the SNGA. The shot of the tournament went to Frank Abbott in the final singles match. Abbott closed with 3 straight birdies to win 1-up over Jeff McCoy, highlighted by a 30-yard hole out for birdie on the Par 3, 17th Hole.

Tournament Results

2017 – SNGA 13, NNGA 11

2015 – SNGA 12, NNGA 12

2013 – SNGA 15.5, NNGA 8.5

2011 – NNGA 12.5, SNGA 11.5

2009 – SNGA 17, NNGA

2008 – SNGA 12, NNGA 12

Official Lou Oliver Cup Matches Information

The Lou Oliver Cup Matches shall be a standalone event, not held in conjunction with any other State Championship event. The Lou Oliver Cup shall consist of 12 senior players from the NNGA and 12 senior players from the SNGA.SeptSe

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