Senior Amateur

Four new champions were crowned in August at Red Hawk Golf Club in 2020.

Northern Nevada’s Joe Peroglio (Senior gross), Southern Nevada’s Doug Pool (Silver gross), Northern Nevada’s William Duenas (Senior net) and and Southern Nevada’s Dario Gonzalez (Silver net) won crowns in 2020. The event once again identified the state’s top senior players.


Nevada State Senior Amateur

For senior amateur golfers in Nevada, there isn’t much bigger of an event than the Nevada State Senior Amateur. Players in the older divisions make it a goal each year to win this prestigious tournament.

The annual competition features the championship and silver championship, net and silver net divisions. Including all levels of senior players in Nevada has carved this tournament into the most coveted title to win for any state player.

In 2017 and 2018, Southern Nevada amateur Todd Roberts earned back to back championships, cementing his name in the annals of Nevada golf. In 2018, Roberts held off Northern Nevada’s David Nelson to win. Nelson is one of the best players in the history of Nevada. Roberts was also runner up in 2016.

“I thought (winning a second title) would be easier,” Roberts said. “But Dave Nelson is such a tough player. It was a dogfight and I thought I handled the pressure better.”

In the silver division, Southern Nevada’s Frank Abbott also earned his second-straight title.

2020 Champions at Red Hawk Golf Club

Joe Peroglio, Championship (NNGA)
William Duenas, Net (NNGA)
Doug Pool, Silver (SNGA)
Dario Gonzales, Silver Net (SNGA)

2019 Champions at Reflection Bay Golf Club

Kelly Knievel, Championship (SNGA)
Jim LiCausi, Net (SNGA)
Rich Morrison, Silver (SNGA)
Ken Perry, Silver Net (SNGA)

2018 Champions at Somersett Golf & Country Club

Todd Roberts, Championship (SNGA)
Jason Buchholz, Net (NNGA)
Frank Abbott, Silver (SNGA)
Brian Richards, Silver Net (NNGA)

2017 Champions at Las Vegas National Golf Club

Todd Roberts, Championship (SNGA)
Chris Boyer, Net (SNGA)
Frank Abbott, Silver (SNGA)
Jim Burger, Silver Net (SNGA)
* first year of silver, silver net

2016 Champions at Hidden Valley Country Club

Scot Orchard, Championship (NNGA)
Tim Hines, Net (NNGA)

2015 Champions at Rio Secco Golf Club

Doug Pool, Championship
Randy Burton, Net

Previous Net Champions 

  Year  Champion
  2014 Gerald Massad (219)
  2013 Bruce Jackson (207)
  2012  Art Caudle (211)
  2011  Burke Cahill (144)
  2010  Carlos Concha (208)
  2009  Bryan Anderson (212)
  2008     Mike Balavage
  2007 Jimmy Bradley (139)
  2006 Lee Mott (216)
  2005 Keith Redmann (207)
  2004 Lewis Redman (219)
  2003 Barry Moore (211)
  2002 Bill Swaggerty (206)
  2001 Morris Ferstman (213)
  2000 Lance Vanlydegraf (204)  
  1999 Doug Busey

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