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Many golfers will tell you that the best experiences they have had is when they play the game as part of a team. The pressure of “not wanting to let the team down” is immense, and bonds formed between teammates are everlasting.

Such is the case for the annual Nevada State Women’s Partners tournament, which features two-player teams competing against other teams in both net and championship divisions. Ronda Henderson and Regina Quintero, representing the WSNGA, teamed up to win the 2020 Nevada State Women’s Partner tournament played July 13-14, 2020, at Genoa Lakes Golf Course. Susan Hood and Kathleen Howard, representing the NNGA, won the net division title.

It was a true team effort for Henderson and Quintero.

“We turned it around on the back,” Quintero said. “We kept parring, parring, parring holes. But on the first par-5, the 13th, we finally made a good putt and birdied a hole. Then we birdied a few more after that and really finished strong.”

2020 State Partners (Two Person Team) | July 13-14 @ Genoa Lakes

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