The teams of Grace Williams-Corinne Lillywhite (gross) and Adeline Show-Millburn Ho won titles at the 2023 Nevada State Women’s Partners Championship held July 6-7, 2023, at Bears Best Las Vegas. The two-day event featured a four-ball, stroke play format. –by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider


College teammates Grace Williams and Corinne Lillywhite birdied three straight holes to start the back nine on the final day en route to a two-stroke victory.

The duo plays golf at Utah Tech University where Williams is a senior while Lillywhite is a sophomore.

“We’re very happy with the win,” said Williams who is from Gold Coast, Australia. “Honestly, one of the big things was us being confident in ourselves. It’s our first win together and our games really complemented each other.”

Lillywhite said having Williams as a teammate as well as a partner this week was ideal.

“I play more conservative,” said Lillywhite who is from Eugene, Ore. “If I was in the fairway, she would go for it. It was just a great two days and we played solid golf.”

Both players said the 10th hole each day wound up being the difference.

“For myself, driving the 10th green both days was nice,” Williams said of the par-4 hole. “I was very happy that it worked out both days.”

As was Lillywhite.

“The 10th was definitely great for us,” she said with a laugh. “She hits such a nice, long ball. I just got to sit there and admire it both days. It was sweet.”

It was definitely a team effort.

“If one of us got in trouble, the other would pick up the slack,” said Williams. “And we only got into trouble a couple of times. We weren’t worried. We were both confident in having each others’ back.”

Williams and Lillywhite


Williams-Lillywhite, 67-69—136

Knott-Rocco, 70-68—138

Henderson-Quintero, 68-74—142


The mother-daughter team of Adeline Show and Millburn Ho teamed up to win the Net title in a scorecard playoff.

For the two days, the team put 15 birdies on the scorecard.

“It was really special for me,” Show said. “The first time we played together was in Honolulu but (Millburn) was so young. This time it was great. Just playing in a tournament with her was a win for me.”

Ho, who will be a senior on the University of Alabama-Birmingham golf team, said the outing was just a fun time with mom.

“I came home for summer to have fun and spend time with my mom,” she said. “And then winning this tournament was better than I could have expected.”

For both, the bottom line was having fun.

“It was stress-free,” Ho said, “It was just like a normal round of golf. We were both very relaxed and just enjoying the golf.”


Show-Ho, 65-68—133

Hebert-Pena, 64-69—133

Masuda-Bernard, 69-65—134

Mom and Daughter, Show and Ho