The Northern Nevada Golf Association team won the 2019 Oliver Cup, beating the Southern Nevada Golf Association team, 13-11. With the victory, the NNGA team snapped a three-match losing streak in the Ryder Cup-style event, which was held June 26-28, 2019, at Genoa Ranch Golf Club in Northern Nevada. 

Check out the complete video recap of the historic and prestigious event. Click now for more of the Oliver Cup story.

The bi-annual event features 12 senior players from the SNGA against 12 senior players from the NNGA in four-ball, alternate shot and singles play. The event was created to honor the memory of long-time Southern NEvada and Nevada State volunteer Lou Oliver. The teams tied 12-12 in the inaugural event in 2008 before the SNGA squad won the second event. The NNGA won in 2011 before the SNGA rattled off three straight victories.

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