The South women won the 2023 Silver Cup, snapping a streak of two straight victories by the North. The South team held on to win 21-19 in the three-day event held Sept. 12-14, 2023, at Dayton Valley Golf Club. It was the first victory by a South team at a North venue since 2001. –by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider

The event featured a Solheim Cup type format with four-ball matchups, foursome matchups and singles matches.

After the first day of foursomes play, the teams were tied 5-5. The South took the lead after posting a 6-4 edge in the second day’s four-ball action.

That left the South with a two-point edge heading into the final day’s singles play. It was the second straight year the South led by two heading into the last day but last year the North rallied to win.

In this year’s finale, the South kept their two-point edge for much of the round as the teams traded wins throughout the first 16 matches (including two ties) until the South put things away with two victories over the final four matches. Both teams put 10 points on the scoreboard in the final round.

“It really came down to the last match for us,” said Regina Quintero, co-captain of the South team. “Robin Rakusin, who played for the North last year, beat Patricia Hiatt on the 17th hole and that’s where it was decided.”

Quintero added that match shows every pairing is vital.

“Whether you’re the No. 1 person out or in the last group, you always need to get that point….it could come down to that,” Quintero said.

Quintero said this year’s newcomers more than held their own.

“Two of our brand new people, Leinani Yosaitis and Jill Morrison, went 3-0 and one other newcomer, Autumn Dorini, went 2-0-1,” Quintero said. “As newcomers, that says a lot about this team looking at the future.”

In the end, Quintero said the victory proves hard work pays off.

“When it was all said and done, the South hasn’t won this competition playing in the North since 2001,” she said. “But this year’s team really worked hard and put in the effort in practices and it paid off.”

Quintero added her co-captain, Christine Soscia, was also a key factor in the win.

“I was out playing and it’s always in the back of your mind….are they up, are they down,” she said of her team’s play. “But Christine did a great job of making sure everything went smoothly. She got everyone water…food….did the encouragement, whatever was needed to make sure all the players could concentrate on just playing golf. She was tremendous.”

Joanne Bower, co-captain of the North, said the closeness of the match had everyone on the edge of their seats.

“This was the second year in a row it’s come down to the last match or two,” she said. “That’s what makes this fun. It’s just a good time. Everyone’s trying to have fun but at the same time trying to get that very last point.”

Bower added that in the 30-year history of this event, this is just the fourth time the visiting team has won.

“The North has won twice down South and now the South has won twice up here,” she said. “The captains are always proud when you can win on the road.”

But she added her team shouldn’t hang their heads.

“I’m most definitely happy with the effort of our team,” she said. “They all put in their 110 percent. Unfortunately, the cards didn’t fall in our favor. The girls played hard. They were just a little better than us this week.”

Here are the members of each team who earned their spots to represent.

South: Ronda Henderson, Brittany Bronson, Gabriele Buonacorsi, Carrie Langevin, Brenda Knott, Regina Quintero, Christina Brandt, Laura Smith, Debbie Love, Rusty Beckel, Sherry Jackson, Kathy Yee, Autumn Dorini, Juliet Herbert, Deborah Headley, Jill Morrison, Karen Schroeder, Leinani Yosaitis, Robin Rakusin, Shana Pederson.

North: Christy Atencio, Shelby Martinek, Patti McKinnon, Robin Ponte, Chandeni Sendall, Karen Hoppe, Lori Elliott, Sheri Bradley, Kathy Streeter, Joanne Bower, Carol Colwell, Lynn Greer, Jean Walsh, Katie Keller, Joni Taylor, Nancy Prahm, Cindy Hall, Janice Campbell, Patricia Hiatt, Lori Marquette.

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