Ronda Henderson (Gross) and Jennifer Colley (Net) posted victories in the 2023 Nevada State Women’s Senior Amateur Championship. The tournament was held April 17-18, 2023, at Mountain Falls Golf Club in Pahrump. –by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider

Overall Gross Division

Ronda Henderson, from the WSNGA, started off the tournament slowly but quickly turned things around and raced to a 12-stroke victory.

Henderson double bogeyed her first hole of the two-day event but scrambled over the final 35 holes en route to winning her second individual state title. She also won this tournament in 2019. Overall, including team, partner and individual tournaments, she has about 10 state crowns.

“It was great to win,” she said. “State titles are always great because there are so many good players.”

It didn’t come without struggles.

“It was tough because, especially today, I really struggled with my swing but my short game and putting were stellar,” she said. “They saved me time after time after time.”

She said playing in the windy conditions players faced both days wasn’t a problem.

“I’m a fairly good wind player,” she said. “I’m just glad it was warm. I definitely play better when it’s warm.”

She added her ninth hole was the perfect example of how her two days went.

“I only had four holes left and I was fighting the nerves a little,” she said. “I hit my drive into a fairway bunker left and had to lay up. I had a 40-yard pitch shot that I hit to about eight feet and made the putt to save par. If you had watched me coming down the fairway you would have bet I was going to make a double bogey.”

So while her game wasn’t on point, she was proud of how she thought her way around the course each day.

“The thing I did great both days was I didn’t make any bad decisions,” she said. “I hit bad shots but didn’t make bad decisions. With a five-shot lead (heading into the final round) I knew I just couldn’t do anything stupid. I may not have played my best, but there’s not a decision I would have done differently.”

Overall Gross

Ronda Henderson, 73-73—146

Carol Martin, 78-80—158

Carrie Langevin, 78-82—160

Overall Net Division

Jennifer Colley, making the trip down from Reno for the tournament, posted a net eagle each day as she won a state crown for the first time.

“As anyone knows, Reno weather has been, shall we say, interesting to say the least,” she said. “We haven’t gotten to play much golf this year so it was great to be able to come out and play well. And for this to be a state championship is especially nice.”

Despite not seeing a lot of playing time, she said coaching tips helped her over the two days.

“A couple of things my coach taught me stick with me and they helped a lot,” she said. “You need to know your yardage. And I’ve got to keep my shoulders square and make sure to follow through. Those are the big things for me.”

She added she boiled down the two days to a simple thought process.

“I was literally just focusing on getting the ball to the green in regulation and having a good chip or putt,” she said. “I just went shot-by-shot and didn’t look ahead. I wanted to stay focused.”

Overall, she said her goal is to always enjoy the day.

Mission accomplished.

“I came out to have a good time,” she said. “You have to make it fun. If it’s not fun, it’s not worth your time. I had fun these two days.”

Overall Net

Jennifer Colley, 71-70—141

Sheri Bradley, 75-73—148

Nancy Prahm, 78-71—149


Women’s 50-59, Gross

Ronda Henderson, 73-73—146

Carol Martin, 78-80—158

Carrie Langevin, 78-82—160

Women’s 50-59, Net

Jennifer Colley, 71-70—141

Sheri Bradley, 75-73—148

Lai Rippee, 77-76—153

Women’s 60-69, Gross

Ruth Maxwell, 84-78—162

Deborah Rees, 83-83—166

Debbie Love, 82-84—166

Women’s 60-69, Net

Nancy Prahm, 78-71—149

Lori Marquette, 80-76—156

Cindy Hall, 76-80—156

Women’s 70-Plus, Gross

Lori Elliott, 83-86—169

Danielle Kaylor, 85-91—176

Karen Herness, 91-90—181

Women’s 70-Plus, Net

Joan Redeyoff, 78-78—156

Fay Geddes, 85-78—163

Jeannie Cassinelli, 79-87—166