The North women’s squad breezed to a 24-16 victory over the South squad in the 2021 Silver Cup at Dayton Valley Golf Club and The Club at ArrowCreek. The event was reduced to a two-day event–four-ball play in Day 1 and singles in Day 2–when snow forced cancellation of play for the first day. –by Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff

Twenty women representing the South and 20 women representing the North faced off in the event as the North won back the Silver Cup. The South team won 21½-12½ in 2020 when the event was held at the Sun Mountain Course at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort. Overall, the North team now has a 16-12 edge in the event.

In the 2021 event, both teams were awarded five points for the first day when there was no play. The North won the second day’s four-ball session 6.5-3.5 and they wrapped up the title with a 12.5-7.5 win in the final day’s singles session.

Cheryl Burke, one of the co-captains of the North team, said the North squad adapted well…and there was plenty of adaption to go around.

First, the opening day of play was cancelled because of snow. Then the second day, the event was moved to Dayton Valley Golf Club because of weather problems at ArrowCreek. The final singles round on Wednesday was moved back to ArrowCreek.

“The whole event was quite the challenge,” Burke said. “Not being able to play Monday wasn’t good and then having to move to Dayton on Tuesday was tough. Usually, you play a practice round on the course you’re going to play but no one got a practice round at Dayton. Then we came back to ArrowCreek (Wednesday) to finish up.”

Getting off to a hot start, despite the cold weather, was key according to Burke.

“It felt good knowing we were up after that first day,” she said. “ArrowCreek is a tough course and a challenging course and we knew those extra points could be important.”

In the end, Burke said both teams overcame the weather and course changes impressively.

“To come out in the weather conditions we had was difficult,” Burke said. “Both teams plugged along and played their rounds like it was a regular day. But that’s golf and players are prepared to play in any weather.”

Burke added the final score wasn’t indicative of the play.

“There were some matches that were very strong and could have gone either way,” she said.

Winning back the Silver Cup was definitely on the mind of the North players.

“We had to get the trophy back, for sure,” Burke said. “That was the goal by the whole team.”

Robbin Sanchez, one of the co-captains from the South team, said her squad played solid golf but just ran into a team that played a little better.

“I thought it was closer than the final score showed,” she said. “A lot of the matches were very close and could have gone either way.”

Sanchez added the team played solid despite many distractions.

“I thought we actually did very well,” she said. “We had all kinds of things go sideways but the girls were resilient and carried on. Having to switch courses was a bit of a disadvantage for the first day but we battled through it all.”

And that included the cold weather.

“We were prepared so that wasn’t a problem,” Sanchez said. “All of our girls had their gear and no one wanted to stand down. We were ready for it.”

Laura Smith, South co-captain, said in the end it was one of those events players will treasure for many years.

“We enjoyed the team and enjoyed the whole spirit of the Silver Cup,” she said. “It’s a great tradition and builds friendships. That’s what this event is all about.”

Both Sanchez and Smith wanted to thank the SNGA and the board for their help with Smith saying their efforts “were invaluable to us. It shows they care.”

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The 2022 Silver Cup will be held in Las Vegas with the site and dates to be determined at a later date.

WNNGA Captain

Cheryl Burke and Elaine Walker

WNNGA Players

Ruth Maxwell

Lori Elliott

Janice Campbell

Lynn Greer

Elaine Walker

Darla Smyth

Joanne Bower

Carol Colwell

Kathy Streeter

Christy Atencio

Lisa Mantkus

Sheri Bradley

Lisa Ciociari

Katie Keller

Linda Veatch

Tracy Mimno-Wirshing

Jean Driver

Susan Hood

Jai Kim

Patti Davin

WSNGA co-captains

Robbin Sanchez and Laura Smith

WSNGA Players

Karen Herness

Sherry Jackson

Carrie Langevin

Christina Brandt

Debbie Love

Regina Quintero

Brenda Knott

Ronda Henderson

Laura Smith

Renee Rocco

Karen Schroeder

Shana Pederson

Rusty Beckel

Robbin Sanchez

Margaret Cashwell

Monica Kaili

Helen Welsh

Theresa Prospero

E Wright

Clara Heo