RENO, Nev. (Sept. 27, 2017)–The North team won the Nevada State Women’s Golf Association’s Silver Cup for the third straight year, beating the South squad 22½-17½. The Ryder Cup-style tournament, which was played for the 26th-straight year, features 20 women from the Women’s Southern Nevada Golf Association and an equal number representing the Northern Nevada Women’s Golf Association. It was held at Somersett Golf and Country Club in Reno, Nev. — By Bill Bowman, Las Vegas Golf Insider staff.

In the 2017 event, the North team struck first, grabbing a 6-4 lead after the first day of play. The second day also saw the North come away with an advantage and another 6-4 edge giving them a 12-8 lead. In the singles portion on the final day, the North posted a 10½ to 9½ edge to seal the victory.

The North team’s goal was simple: “We wanted to keep the trophy in Northern Nevada,” said Jeannie Cassinelli, captain of the North squad. “We were bound and determined to keep it here this year.”

Overall, Cassinelli said the squad’s play was solid over the three days–as well as the weeks leading up to the event.

The victorious Northern team at the Silver Cup matches.

“The team play was just awesome,” she said. “They worked hard for weeks before the event. They were dedicated to the process and did play wonderful all three days.”

Three players from the North went 3-0 in the event including Christy Atencio, Lisa Ciociari and Sharon Smith.

For the South team, it was an opportunity lost.

“I’m not sure what’s broken, but we’ll get it fixed,” said Ronda Henderson, captain of the South team which had no players win all three matches. “On paper we were the better team with lower handicaps, but that certainly doesn’t always work out.”

Overall, Henderson said the South team’s play certainly could have been stronger.

“We played OK, but certainly not stellar,” Henderson said. “You can never look back and say you played your best when you lost. We did win some matches that we didn’t expect to win, but we also lost some matches that we thought should win.”

Henderson said the course and personnel were outstanding hosts for the Silver Cup.

“It was an awesome event,” she said. “The captains of the North and the staff at Somersett could not have been more gracious.”

The 2018 Silver Cup will be held in the south, but the course has yet to be determined.

The South Team