Front row…Sherri Lyle, Marvis Green, Anita Kingwill, Judy Sather (Co-Captain), Joni Taylor (Captain), Tammy VanLydeGraf Middle row…Cindy Hall, Laura Jones, Peggy Hickman, Rayleen Cudworth, Patty Cooke, Vickie Aldrich, Elaine Walker, Jeannie Cassinelli Back row…Val Pike, Sheri Bradley, Sandy Hardesty, Sheri Barainca, Lori Elliott, Lynn Greer, Christy Atencio, and Shelley Kinerson.

Boulder City, Nev. (Oct. 7, 2016) — What a difference a day can make, especially in a golf tournament. The 20 women representing the North in the 24th Silver Cup posted a 25½-14½ victory over the South in the Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup style event held at Boulder Creek Golf Club from October 5-7. It was the first time in the last four events held in Southern Nevada that the away side was victorious. –By Bill Bowman.

The tournament features some of the best women amateur golfers in the state teeing it up, 20 from the North and 20 from the South. The North held a two-point lead over the South, 6-4, after Day 1 of the event, but opened up a huge lead, 14½-5½, after an 8½-1½ run the second day and cruised to the victory.

“We’re really excited,” North co-captain Joni Taylor said. “We wanted to win in the south which is harder to do.”

This was the North’s second -straight victory. Taylor, along with Co-Captain Judy Sather, saw six of the North’s players go 3-0 for the three days. The North now leads the competition 14-10.

“These 40 girls are all very competitive,” Taylor said. “And it showed Thursday. We had a good lead going into the last day but the South started winning match after match and it got close. We were a little nervous for a while. We went out and pumped up the girls.”

For the South, a final day rally was too little, too late.

“Wednesday was just a bad day for us,” said Sue May, co-captain of the South squad. “We just fell too far behind.”

But the South squad didn’t give up and there were some anxious moments during the 20 singles matches on the final day that gave May and the South squad a glimmer of hope.

“We could only afford to lose 5½ points the final day out of 20 points and up until the final hour I thought we had a chance to win it,” May said. “It was a fight and we had potential. We wound up losing the day 11-9, but some of those matches were conceded after we had already lost.”

Northern Nevada Team

Sherri Lyle

Marvis Green

Anita Kingwill

Judy Sather (Co-Captain)

Joni Taylor (Captain)

Tammy VanLydeGraf

Cindy Hall

Laura Jones

Peggy Hickman

Rayleen Cudworth

Patty Cooke

Vickie Aldrich

Elaine Walker

Jeannie Cassinelli

Val Pike

Sheri Bradley

Sandy Hardesty

Sheri Barainca

Lori Elliott

Lynn Greer

Christy Atencio

Shelley Kinerson

Southern Nevada Team

Debbie Love

Ronda Henderson

Diane Booth

Sherry Jackson

Laurie Johnson

Janet Weber

Brenda Knott

Karen Herness

Sue Rambo

Masako Brown

Monica Fairbanks

Rita Byorick

Theresa Prospero

Gabi Buonacorsi

Rusty Beckel

Linda Prujan

Mira Pierce

Chris Guetersloh

Monica Kaili

Salini King

Co-Captains: Sue May, Ronda Henderson

Non-Playing Captain: Lynn King