Southern Nevada Golf Association

The Southern Nevada Golf Association is a partner with the Northern Nevada Golf Association on this official Nevada State Golf Association website.

The SNGA operates a complete tournament schedule in the southern portion of Nevada.

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The Southern Nevada Golf Association dates back several decades and is the official arm of the United
States Golf Association in Southern Nevada. The organization operates tournaments, administrates
handicaps and offers course ratings in addition to serving the golf community in other ways.
Among the forefathers and others who have been instrumental in the creation and sustainment of the
Southern Nevada Golf Association are John Difloure, Howard Capps, Don Welch, Stuart Reid, Clyde
Cobb, Eric Dutt, Larry McGovern, Charlie Teel, Ernest Haupt, C. Pat Walker, Jerry Belt and many others.
In the coming months, the SNGA, along with Vegas golf historians, will be working to create an in-depth
history of the organization. If you have photos or information you would like to provide, please contact
the SNGA through this website.

The SNGA also works closely with the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame to chronicle the history of the game of
golf in Southern Nevada. Several key current and former members of the SNGA have been inducted into
the Las Vegas Golf Hall of Fame, and the SNGA keeps at least one seat on the committee. For more
information about the history of the SNGA and golf in Southern Nevada, visit
The SNGA has also turned out several players who have gone on to play professional golf including
Robert Gamez, Edward Fryatt, Craig Barlow, Scott Piercy, among others.

Join the SNGA

Did you know that there are well more than 50 different golf clubs in the Southern Nevada area that are looking for new members and offering cool reasons–and in many cases golf discounts–to join?

Well, now you do and we here at the Southern Nevada Golf Association are honored to partner with many of the top golf clubs and memberships in the area. You can find information and direct links to the clubs through this official web portal and we hope you find your favorite club and join today.

Sample benefits of joining clubs associated with the SNGA:

— Discounts on tee times

— FREE golf

— Food and beverage discounts and specials

— Tournaments (fun and competitive)

— Social events

— USGA/GHIN handicap

— Discounts at many Southern Nevada non-golf businesses



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