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1957, 1958 Champion Charles Teel

Prestigious Nevada State Amateur Annually Determines Worthy Champion

Bob Pratt, who won the 1954 Nevada State Amateur, is just one of many excellent and accomplished golfers who have hoisted the most prestigious trophy in Nevada amateur golf. According to the archives, Pratt won the second-ever Nevada State Amateur. The first, in 1953, was won by Bill Higgins.

Ever since those fabulous fifties, the Nevada State Amateur has been won by future college and PGA TOUR players in addition to lifetime amateurs who have dedicated much of their lives to the grand ole game.

Pratt’s victory came a few years before he headed to the University of Houston, where he was a part of one of the best golf programs in the history of the sport. Pratt played for the University of Houston from 1957-59 and was there for three national titles for the team. In 1959 Pratt was named a second-team All-American for his role in the team’s NCAA title.

Charlie Teel, sometimes referred to as the “Father of golf in Las Vegas” won the Nevada State Amateur back-to-back in 1957 and 1958. Teel also Teel collected an unprecedented 18 Las Vegas City Amateur and Southern Nevada Amateur titles during his prolific career. He became, arguably, one of the best amateur golfers in the history of Nevada despite several obstacles.

“He was really remarkable given that he overcame the challenge of a shriveled arm to become a scratch golfer,” Bob Coffin said. “He utilized total concentration, and that really made his game.”

Off the course, Teel served as the president of the Nevada State Golf Association and was instrumental in helping several amateur organizations start operations. He also served on the Tournament of Champions committee and other high-level tournaments.

Coffin, who played golf at UNLV and also served as a Nevada State Senator and on the Las Vegas City Council, won the Nevada State Amateur in 1970. Coffin also served as a past president of the Nevada State Golf Association.

Ernest Maupin, an accomplished attorney in Nevada and a former golfer at the University of Nevada, won the Nevada State Amateur in 1987. Maupin served as a regional United States Golf Association director in addition to several roles with both the Nevada State Golf Association and the Northern Nevada Golf Association. He was president of both of the Nevada golf organizations.

Other notable champions include future PGA TOUR players Edward Fryatt, Craig Barlow, Scott Piercy, and Rich Barcelo, in addition to lifetime amateurs Eric Dutt, Brady Exber, Stuart Reid and Dean Menante.

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Nevada State Amateur

1953 Bill Higgins
1954 Bob Pratt
1955 Bob Unthank
1956 Elmer Glites
1957 Charles Teel
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